Hello world!

Hello-World“Hello World.”
Even though generic, i find it an apt title for the first post on a beginners blog.
The first of many to come, I know it is nothing extraordinary and I really hope people reading this don’t expect in my writing genius only seen achieved by Shakespeare and his merry compatriots.
*Playing the honesty card* I am very excited about this blog; it’s either it goes big and I get attention (cos lets face it, i need it) or it fails and get¬†my butt handed to me…but I don’t really fear the last bit because most people wont recognize me :).
Lets just say this will be my “humble beginnings”.

So the question should be asked, “WHY START THIS BLOG?
Simply put, I want to bore the world with my “rants”, annoy actors and musicians in my country (and possibly outside too),talk about random stuff and share my general ideologies about a better ummmm…world?
OK!! forget the last part. We’ve all heard it a million times. Well, don’t totally forget it, cos i do have some nice ideas/ideologies.

With that said, I pray God guides my fingers and my thoughts on this project.

YOSH!! Ikimashou!

NOTE: I don’t do politics. Yeah…there’s that too.